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Hobby Park

July 21, 2019 @ 08:00 - 12:00

Please wear your JMBC kit to make it easier for us to identify you.

Visitors are very welcome to join. Just make sure to be there around 7:30. Ask one of the club members to introduce you to the ride coordinator Iain who will assist with the legalities and help you join the right group. Each group is led by a group leader and typically a sweep as well. Bring enough money for the park entrance of R50 and extra money for breakfast afterwards.

Credit for the ride descriptions is to Andrew ‘Average Andy’ Steer’ from an article in Ride Magazine December 2015.

Green: 12.5km – This an easy to Moderate ride. A fun family trail for everyone and consists mainly of dirt road, wide single track and jeep track.
Elevation gain: 140m
Difficulty: Easy/moderate
Info: A fun family trail for everyone
Blue: 6.5km – The only trail to the east of the clubhouse, the Blue is packed full of features that make the 6.5km seem a lot longer than they really are.
You’ll wind along through a bunch of simple switchbacks leading you to a climb up a small koppie, taking in some views back over Robert Broom and the surrounding ridges Then enjoy some beautiful singletrack up top before a fast, rocky descent takes you back down for some more switchbacks – all bermed, of course.
Some nice little forest sections and a floating bridge finish things off before you head back past the clubhouse and on to the other trails.
Elevation gain: 120m
Difficulty: Moderate
Info: A route with lots of surprises
Yellow: 7km – The Yellow trail is where things start to get serious, and it happens pretty fast Before you know it, you’re dropping gears and spinning up a storm as you negotiate some looser rocks on some intense inclines that get you to the northern end of the park The natural terrain is beautiful and distracts you from your impressive heart-rate readings A lot of it is jeep track, but the rough stuff is a sizeable challenge in itself.
Taking you around the northern perimeter of the park, it’s the access route to the starts of the Red and the Purple trails If you stay on the path, it drops you back via a fast descent in towards the end of the Green route, which you can then ride back to base.
Elevation gain: 165m
Difficulty: Moderate/difficult
Info: An endurance test with some long, towering climbs
Purple: 5.5km – Accessed from the north-west corner of the Yellow route, you’ll burn a few calories just getting to the start of it. It’s aimed at those who want extra mileage and includes the remote western part of the park, offering solid climbs with the accompanying downhills (We did find the markings to the western side of the park a little confusing at times, so keep your eyes peeled).
Elevation gain: 80m
Difficulty: Moderate
Info: Hair-raising descents, with a climb or two for good measure.
Red: 7.5km Probably the favourite in the park, the Red route is accessed via the Yellow one As the signs will remind you repeatedly, it’s a tough technical trail.
From the high starting point, you will do more downhill than up, but don’t be fooled – there is still plenty of climbing to be done The downhills are fast and furious, although if ridden at slower speeds, they’re probably not bad – there are some huge ruts and tight switchback corners that don’t leave much room for error.
In natural terrain, with sharp slate rocks scattered all over the place, it does feel like a red route – but if you let her curves seduce you, it’s a beautiful piece that gets the pulse racing while not requiring guru-like bike skills or the latest and greatest dual suspension technology.
It’s a hard workout, but that smile will still be on your face when you get back to the clubhouse.
Elevation gain: 140m
Difficulty: Difficult
Info: Not for the fainthearted -technical and challenging.
Johannesburg Mountain Bike Club


July 21, 2019
08:00 - 12:00
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Iain Gibson
082 444 9953 - after hours only


Hobby Park
S26.088694 E27.819500 + Google Map