Chocolate… it good, bad or ugly

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Traditional chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean, which contains flavenoids.  These flavenoids act as antioxidants meaning that they help ‘unclog’ arteries and help keep our cells healthy.  Evidence from the past 10 years has shown that moderate and occasional consumption of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, may protect you against the development of cardiovascular disease due to its anti-inflamatory effects.  Recent research has also suggested that the regular or occasional consumption of cocoa-rich compounds such those found in dark chocolate have beneficial effects on blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, and the vascular system. And,  more good news is that chocolate can actually improve cognitive function such as memory.

That was the good… and now the bad.

Chocolate has a few downsides too, it is high in sugar and fat, hence high in calories, that’s why it tastes so good. Calories taken from a medium chocolate bar (45grs) will take you 22minutes of cycling at a moderate pace to burn off !

…and now the ugly…..

Chocolate is high in fat, and 2-3 blocks of milk chocolate have the fat equivalent of a teaspoon of butter.! So, if you’re going to indulge in Chocolate, do this :   Dark chocolate has a slightly lower fat content than milk chocolate, but stick to 4 blocks.   A Marshmallow egg has less chocolate therefore less calories.    Have hollow chocolate, not something filled with sugary caramel or toffee.