Ride Information

When riding, it is crucial to adhere to safety rules such as wearing a helmet, following traffic laws, and maintaining proper control of your bike; additionally, it is advisable to bring along items such as water, a repair kit, identification, and a cell phone for emergencies.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is JMBC based?
We do not have a base as such. Unlike a running club that usually has fixed runs from a base, we ride all over the place and thus a base is not necessary. Our ‘base’ is wherever we happen to be riding from that day!
Where do the rides take place?
As the Johannesburg MTB Club we try to have rides spread all around Johannesburg and environs. We have a ‘library’ of rides that we rotate through, of different lengths, difficulty and technicality – and the location of these rides vary : Lanseria, Muldersdrift, Hartebeespoort, Midrand, Dainfern, Broadacres, Irene, Edenvale, Heidelburg, Daleside, Brackenhurst, etc. However, most rides currently are in the north of Jhb as this is where most offroad routes are available. We do try to vary rides as much as possible and are always on the scout for new places and routes to ride - there is a hardcore group of club members who suss out new routes with a view to adding new club rides to our ride library.
How often do rides take place?
Most Sundays of the year.
Is it safe?
Well, you must accept that mountain biking is a hazardous sport, and falls and accidents can and do happen. Hence our insistence on a helmet – if you leave your helmet at home you will not be permitted to join the ride! In terms of general security, we avoid very small groups of riders due to the risk, we usually strive for a minimum of 6 riders or more in any group. If a member of the group gets a puncture or experiences mechanical problems, the group will stop and wait – no-one is left behind on their own unless it is a safe place to permit that.
Are beginner riders welcome?
Yes, certainly. Our only requirement is that you have a reasonable quality mountain bike (with gears, ie: no BMX or road bike or hybrid), a helmet, spare tubes and tyreliners and/or slime. Sufficient water (either in a Camelback or bottles) is also a must. We ask that beginners initially slot themselves into an easy ride (‘Family’ ride usually) of short duration, and that you commence also in the slowest speed group within that ride - until you get a feel for your correct level. It is very frustrating when beginners overestimate their abilities and do not follow the above advice – resulting in the faster and more technically proficient riders being held back on a ride.
Does JMBC have bikes for hire?
Unfortunately not - you need your own bike & helmet.
How do I learn and develop skills?
By riding! Mountain biking is definitely an activity where the more you ride, the better you get. However, JMBC does hold skills clinics where experienced riders show you not only how to ride technical things, but also basic bike maintenance and repair so that when things do go wrong out on a ride you have some idea what to do.
Which group is for me?
Please ride in the group that suits your speed: Blue 16 - 20 kph Red 14 - 16 kph Yellow 12 - 14 kph Green 8 - 12 kph
Do I have to be a JMBC member to do the rides?
No, you are very welcome to join us as a visitor (R30 per person per ride visitors’ fee payable). This is often a good way to start – it allows you to get a feel for JMBC and how we operate. If you wish to join straight off we clearly have no objection.
Are children welcome?
Yes, but we do insist that kids are accompanied on a ride (and in the same speed group) by parents/guardians. Again, they must be of sufficient age and fitness to be able to handle the distance on the day, and they must have a proper mountain bike. We believe it is unfair to expect others to take responsibility for your child if they fall or something untoward happens. Once we get to know the child, and depending on their fitness and skill level, we may relax this rule but initially it will apply.
Where do I find ride details?
Click on "Ride Calendar" and you will find details of upcoming rides for the month ahead
How/where do I join JMBC?
Click on “Join Us” and you will find a link to download an application form in Excel spreadsheet format. Complete all the details, pay the amount due into the JMBC bank account (details are provided), and e-mail or fax the spreadsheet & payment proof to the contact specified. If you apply for a licence, then the club will pass your details onto CGC for them to process and issue the licence.
Do I have to belong to a club to enter MTB races?
No, you don't have to belong to a club anymore, you can buy your own annual licence directly from CSA. If you don't want to buy an annual license you can buy a day license for most races but the number of day licences per individual per year may be restricted at some stage. JMBC no longer supplies race licenses.

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