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After a ‘mini’ break for some, this weekends ride is from the popular Makiti - Venue's/lodge

Makiti is in the Cradle area opposite the Sterkfontein caves, and a great ride with not to many climbs. It is not that technical either but does have a some fun sections and a rock garden, so suitable for all.
We meet in the car park close to the entrance, so look out for the JMBC blue jerseys.
Take note of the earlier start time for October, we meet at 6.30am to ride at 7.00am (no moaning girls&germans… and you know who I am talking too๐Ÿ˜‰).
Guests are always welcome to join us at R30 per rider (No visitors fee if riding Green Group), give it go. After the ride there are a few options in the cradle for a good breakfast or Makiti do have good waffles…๐Ÿ˜‰

Distances :
 - Green - 20km
 - Yellow - 29km 
 - Red 37km
 - Blue 40km. 

See you all there!
This Sunday's outride is from Logwood Village.
We meet at 7:00am and wheels roll at 7:30am. Our Trailmaster has put together some great trails to suit all groups. Ride groups will ride variations of the route ranging from 21km to 44km, it has a bit of elevation but nothing to worry JMBC’ers.

To get there, please make sure your GPS point you to go via Beyers Naude Road off the N1 and then turn into Sunset Drive, which will take you to Logwood Village. Park in the grounds of Logwood Village. Visitors are most welcome at R30 a rider. 

Ride Group Distances:
Green 21km
Yellow 30km
Red 35km
Blue 44km

Sunday's weather forecast looks perfect for riding. ๐ŸŒž
See you there……๐Ÿšด‍โ™‚
This Sunday's JMBC club outride starts from a new venue, Prison Break Market in Sunninghill (a great start and finish venue). Our Trail Master has been busy. Some new trails for Green and Yellow. Blue still heads out to the dam across Summit Rd, and joins Red and Yellow for a fantastic 3km downhill, twisty single track, sadly ….. going down means coming up, but then we still have the downhill of Bridle pass to Riversands. Some nice forest sections a few bridges, some more dams and up past GG’s to end back at the Market…. It is on the tougher side but doable for all, so some work required before your have breakfast and refreshments. 
We will be meeting in the car park (opens a 6am). Visitors are always welcome to ride for just a small fee of R30 (free if riding with Green Group), look out for riders in Blue JMBC jerseys.
*We meet at 7h00 to ride at 7.30am. 
Blue -  44km
Red - 37km
Yellow - 33km 
Green - 24km
SPRING IS HERE !!๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒผ - This Sunday's JMBC club outride is from Copperlake Breweries . We had a few teething issues last time around (Angry Farmer), but the trails have been revised and a recce was done last week……so ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿคž. The venue is Copperlake Brewery and Brandon the Brewer/Owner is a keen MTBer and may even join us …….. he also brews a mean IPA ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰… that some May wish to taste (after the ride).
We will start from Copperlake Brewery meeting at 7am to ride at 7.30am. The trails have great single tracks, some section we know but some nice new sections too, and a few other good surprises. The distances - Green 23km, Yellow 30km, Red 36km and Blue +/-43km. It’s a an outride. It’s a moderate ride so let’s see the numbers for this one. Visitors are welcome as always for just a small fee of R30, except if you're riding Green Group (no visitor fee).  Lookout for the blue club shirts in the car park. See you all there!!
What a lekka ride we all had at Northern Farm MTB Park on Sunday morning. Read all about it:
This upcoming Sunday’s outride is an updated trail that has some familiar sections. We  start at Bosheuvel Country Estate. Just look out for the blue club jerseys in the parking lot (get there from the M5 side).

The trails are anti-clockwise (turn right-out of the parking) heading down a sand road to the R114 (so plenty of time to warm up the legs). We transverse the Logwood area and cross under and over the N14 a few times as we ride out towards Northern Farms. 
Our “Trail Master” has included some beautiful forest sections, a few rocky climbs and has ensured that we do not miss out on the fast downhill concrete ramp into the blinding darkness. He also will be adding a few extra km to the green and the blue routes which  previously felt too short (expect the new tracks soon!)
This is a great moderate trail, so bring your bike and come ride, we will meet for chats, coffees and beers afterwards:

Meet at Bosheuvel Country Estate  - meet at 7.30am to ride at 8am
Distances :
 - Green - 25km
 - Yellow - 31km
 - Red - 38km
 - Blue - 45km

See you all there!
Visitors welcome for a small fee of just R30, except if you're riding Green Group then no charge.
No need to book in advance, just arrive by 7:30am

Bosheuvel Country Estate
082 553 2846
(If you’re not familiar with the venue make sure your GPS is routing you correctly, through the M5 side)
It is starting to warm up ….  !!! So this Sunday's  ride is at Northern Farm MTB Park  , a familiar playground for many of us and a good opportunity to test a few skills. There are a few tweaks to the trails if you have not been there for a while. Meeting in the car park at 7:30 to ride at 8am, it’s rated a family ride so we expect all to come out. 
All ride groups start from the car park and follow the bike park trail markers. There are trails here for all ride groups from Green to Blue. Ride distances can been increase and decreases as there are various loops but the group can discuss on the day. Here are the basic trails distances as follows:
Green 22 km (blue route)
Yellow 34 km (red route)
Red 50 km (purple route)
Blue 65 km (black route)
JMBC members will have their entry paid for by the club. Collect a number board at the entrance gate  and please could members be there by 7.45ish to receive an exit card otherwise you may have to wait until the coordinator is back…… and that could be a while. Visitors are welcome, just pay the entry fee to the bike park. Look out for the blue jerseys in the car park and ask for the ride coordinator.
Bring some money for breakfast ….. great egg and bacon rolls and  coffee after the ride.
Great weather for our ride from Broadacres this past weekend. Click on the pic to red all about it.
This Sunday's ride starts from Broadacres Shopping Centre, meeting near to Mello Velo at 7-30am to ride at 8am. 
Riders usually park at the Cedar Road end of the parking area.
It is an intermediate trail, so groups for everyone.
A good mix of everything with gravel, jeep & single track, plus a fast tar road dip at the start.
On the return trip there is a nice climb over the last few km, so save some gas in the tank for that.
Green 22km
Yellow 28km
Red 35km
Blue 43km
This is a popular outride, so come along and enjoy. Visitors welcome for just a small visitors fee of R30. Look out for the blue club jerseys in the carpark. Ebikes are welcome on all our rides. Food and drinks available at the venue for a good social after the ride.

Location for Broadacres ride on Sunday:
Broadacres Shopping Centre, 7, Cedar Rd, Broadacres
This Sunday's ride is at Hobby Park Bike Park . The trails are great and there are some awesome views from the lookouts! This is a park so all group should be there no excuses…..! The trails offer something for all groups depending on what trail you choose. Again for JMBC members well within your skills. We will meet at 7:30am to ride at 8am.
Distances are approx - 42km, 34km, 21km and 13km. 
The club will cover JMBC members entry fees. Visitors welcome, just pay the bike entry fee beforehand. Look out for the blue club jerseys in the car park. Bring some money for breakfast, coffee at the famous Die Draadkameel. See you all there
This Sunday's Ride on 23 July, 7:30am for 8am, we start from MTB friendly Pirates Rugby Club  and wind our way through the leafy streets of Greenside to the dam, where we do various loops inside the Botanical Gardens before heading out to Alberts Farm. The Emmarentia Spruit runs through the heart of Sandton for 60km of scenic single-track. 

The Green and Yellow group routes are similar except Yellow ride up the hill through Delta Park, whilst Green head out to the turn-around point at the Junction.  Yellow continue here under the Conrad bridge for an extra 5km before tuning back.

Red group do the climb at Albert’s Farm, through Delta Park, and right up to Paulshof and back.  Blue group include the 2km climb up to the Northcliff water tower if they are brave enough.

The distances are a bit longer than usual, but the trail is fairly flat and non-technical.  The groups can, of course, turn back at any point.

Distances: (to be confirmed)
Green 24km
Yellow 34km
Red 54km
Blue 65km

Visitors welcome for just a small fee of R30, except if riding green group no charge applicable. Ebikes are welcome too. Just look out for the blue club jerseys in the carpark. Bring some money for coffee, breakfast, beer afterwards.
Outride from Neck & Deck
This Sunday's JMBC club ride is the old favorite Cradle loop ride. We will start from Neck & Deck at Bathongo  Rhino & Lion Park. There is lots of safe parking inside. This is a great groomed trail all around  the cradle, and manageable for all members and riders. It has a few really nice sections and some lovely down hills. Green and Yellow do the same trails but at a different paces, it follows the normal cradle loop while Red and Blue turn off the loop and head south to Mulderdrift up the R114, Blue adds a bit by heading out toward Cradlestone before heading back. 
We will be meeting in the car park at 7:30 to start riding at 8:00, visitors are welcome to ride along for a nominal fee of R30-. 

Neck & Deck has a nice area for breakfast, refreshments and a good chat. We will be booking a table. 

Distances (to be confirmed)
Green 30km
Yellow 30km
Red 40km
Blue 45km

See you there …..
Click on the link below to read our latest ride reports at the The Big Red Barn this past weekend.
This Sunday's ride is at the well known The Big Red Barn bike park in Irene meeting at 7:30am to ride at 8am. Distances are approx 42km, 21km and 13km marked by Routes 1,2,3. 
The club will cover JMBC members bike park entry fee. Please sign in to be counted for your entry AND be there early just to ease payment admin to BRB and we can start our ride promptly๐Ÿ˜. Visitors welcome, just pay the bike entry fee to the park beforehand. Look out for the blue club jerseys in the carpark. Ebikes are welcome on all our rides. Bring some money for breakfast, coffee or beer afterwards.
This Sunday's ride on 2 July starts from Pedal and Sprocket. The route accommodates all groups, with a bit more technical sections for Red and Blue. All groups ride a beautiful fast, single-track descent that runs for miles as far as Maggie's Farm. The return leg for all groups runs west of Malibongwe through the equestrian farms. We will meet at 7:30am to ride at 8am. Bring some money for a coffee/refreshments and breakfast afterwards. Visitors welcome for a small fee of just R30. Look out for the blue club jerseys in the car park. 
Green 20km
Yellow 25km
Red 34km
Blue 41km
See you all there!

Surely the rain we had falling while driving to the venue put many a wannabe Red Rider back in bed snuggled under the duvet. Up until about 6:30am that might have been a fair decision, however as you can see in the photo at the start, someone turned the light back on for us, load shedding was over, and it was an awesome morning for a ride on the highveld.

A few Blues were hoping for an extended distance but with only 3 of them they had to settle for the Red Team, which swelled our numbers to a very respectable 9. The tracks were a little wet and even a tad muddy sometimes, confirmed by some squeals from behind occasionally. We did not follow the GPS religiously because … well sometimes its best to avoid the mud and always best to minimise the wet. So a little distance needed to be added here and there, but then we get those that spill the beans to the group and shout at the leader “you going the wrong way”. The leader never goes the wrong way, just sometimes they take unplanned alternatives.

We had breakfast on the dam wall just before Sprocket and Jack. This was carefully planned knowing we had a strong contingent of beer drinkers, if breakfast was delayed by just one km things would have gone south fast. We also have two northern hemisphere visitors/guests/invaders who were brave enough to mention that “South Africans are wooses when it comes to water on the track”. Have they not noticed they are outnumbered? We explained carefully that “water was a scarce resource in this fair land, we cherish it and look after it, and in so doing it is required to ride slowly so as to not splash this precious liquid sideways off the path where it will simply soak away” unlike in said northern mud lands were any bull in a china shop can ride through mud at speed with a fountain of chocolate flying in all directions.

Just thinking about this now, there is so much mud in said land that if they want to go fast at all they will be spraying chocolate, it's simply not possible to ride fast without doing that. Well in this fair land we have the choice so we ride slow in mud and fast the rest of the time in the sun. Take that!!

Getting past the beer with all our Team required some skill and persuasion. Thereafter we avoided James’ drop off for fear of another fall and the path was gone. At the river crossing those that are skilled only got one wet foot. We past the yellows having breakfast under a tree before the long climb up to the pine trees. At the top one dedicated wife realised that darling husband was missing. She flung her bike around and headed all the way down to the bottom of the hill to look for him. The leader followed to see the outcome because such devotion and love is rare in JMBC amongst riding couples. She was happy to find he was ok and on his way back up the hill after rectifying his derailluer. A little kiss and “love you dear” and she rode back up the long hill. We can only wonder how many of the other riding coupes will follow this example which has now been set as a JMBC tradition.

We did not dare miss Johann's favourite section, and Aidan took a little slip on the narrow bank but luckily did not slip all the way down. Some missed the last section smelling the beer while Dave and Johann continued on towards home.

Thanks for another fun ride in perfect weather, to Tanja for sweeping again and Rich for organising.
Stats – 41kms, 3:30hr total time, 13.8km/hr moving avg, 613m ascent.
Red Group
Lanseria South
Green Group
Yellow Group
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