Cut a corner

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Keep your Mojo through a downhill switchback.

APPROACH : Start at walking speed; fast enough to stay steady, but slow enough to keep from blowing straight throught the corner.

EYES : Don’t fixate on your front wheel, ruts or rocks. Scan through the turn, keeping your gaze on the turn’s exit.

PEDALS : Keep your inside pedal at 1 o’clock and your outside pedal at 7 o’clock to maintain side-to-side balance and traction.

BUTT : Scoot if back on the saddle, further back for steeper switchbacks.

LEGS : Your inside knee should be bent and slightly inward. Your outside leg should be almost straight but not locked.

ARMS : Keep your elbows bent, the inside elbow slightly more.

HANDS : Just one finger on each brake lever.

BRAKES : Once you enter the switchback, use only the rear brake to check speed, if necessary. As you improve, try to make the turn without braking, don’t slow so much that you lose your momentum (and balance). As you enter switchbacks faster, use the rear brake to scrub speed.

WEIGHT : As you reach the apex, transfer your weight back and slightly inside. Do it right and the front of your bike will swing through the corner while your rear wheel simply pivots.