First aid kits

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It is unfortunate, but often during a ride, a biker is injured. While any injury sucks, having a first aid kit can be a very good thing. In fact a good first aid kit can mean all the difference in an emergency situation. However the off the shelf first aid kit, while good, needs a bit more added to it. This article is meant to be a guide as to what should be in a first aid kit.

The Basics:

1. Gauze bandages. These guys are great for stopping bleeding and will help the body clot the blood.

2. Band aids. There is nothing better for treating minor cuts and scrapes than a band aid.

3. First aid tape. An absolute must for attaching Gauze bandages.

4. Alcohol wipes. Treating any cut with alcohol seriously reduces the chance
of infection

5. Ace Bandages. Joint injuries are unpleasant, but one of these bandages can help support an injured joint until you have time to get medical attention.

6. Tweezers. Never think that tweezers will not come in handy.

7. Tourniquet. One of the best emergency treatments of a major cut is to cut off the blood supply. While a clean tourniquet is best, wearing a bandana can serve the same purpose.

8. Duct tape. Can be used for ANYTHING and is very handy for all emergencies, least of all to stick over the mouth of the screaming person. J

Good ideas in emergencies:

1. Splint. A bicycle pump can convert into a good splint

2. A tube can convert into a sling.

3. Tyre levers also convert into finger splints.

4. Smelling Salts / Rescue Remedy. Often the rider is in shock, and these
will help get them alert again.

5. Aspirin / Panado / Ibuprofen / Genpain. These pain relievers are not only good for discomfort but can reduce swelling as well.

6. Icy Hot. Straining a muscle can hurt. Having Icy Hot around will help you get back home.

7. Electrolyte Solution: Dehydration is a very real danger. Having a solution to mix in water will help replace the electrolytes and keep you on the trail.