Things that can go wrong with your butt!

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Chafing and saddle sores :
Ill fitting shorts: The fix : Get a good pair of cycling shorts with high-quality padding. Don’t wear underwear underneath it.

Poor bike position: The fix : Set up your saddle so you sit on your ischium, or sit bones. (the two backward facing lower bones in either cheek). Don’t lean forward over the bike. Lower your saddle slightly – if you’re reaching for the pedals, you’re sawing tender tissue across the saddle nose on each pedal stroke.

Lousy hygiene : The fix : Wash your shorts after each use. Wash your crotch with mild soap and water before and after each ride. Don’t stand around in wet shorts.
Riding in rain : The fix : If it’s raining, grease your chamois with something like Blue Steel, Fissan paste and keep your shorts dry as much as possible.

Plain old Sore Butt
Soft tissue over the bone can become traumatised from pressure – especially for new riders. If you feel sore after a ride, take Ibuprofen and hold a cold compress against what our American relatives call their ‘Taint’ (‘tain’t your butt, ‘taint your other part’) – the soft underside of your crotch. The next day, add heat to increase blood flow to the muscle. If your butt hurts after three to four weeks of regular riding, you’re doing something wrong – level your saddle, re-check your seat height and stop riding with loose change in your shorts. And just to be sure, if you didn’t already, get properly set-up on your bike at a bike shop or bike fitment expert.

Road Rash
If you loose skin on your glutes from crashing, get the abrasion clean and scrub all gravel out of it – otherwise the skin heals over grit and you end up with a black tattoo dececrating your alabaster bootie. Use lots of water and a light soap – a shower is best, but it’s going to sting. Put antiseptic ointment on and cover with a plaster. Once the skin heals, leave plaster off.

Sore cheeks
If your butt is just aching from sitting in the saddle too long or riding lots of hills, chug a protein-rich recovery drink immediately after your ride to help muscles regenerate. Get a sports massage and ask the therapist to concentrate on your glutes.