When you fall…

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Whether you take a face-first landing at 60km/h and get hit by wildlife or just take a sideways swipe and go farming for roasties, bandaging properly heals you faster and prevents scars. There is no need to have an ego battle…. Sometimes a plaster is just beneficial.

Follow these five steps :
1. Use a water bottle of hydration pack hose as a high-pressure wash to flush the wound.
2. When you go home, use a clean washcloth or soft brush to scrub out grit. Still dirty? Soak in the bath for a few minutes, then scrub again. Hint: It’s better if someone does it for you.
3. Apply an antibiotic ointment to kill bacteria and prevent bandages from sticking.
4. Keep wounds covered and moist. Dry scabs can easily get infected and cause scarring.
5. See a doctor if :
· It’s more than 2.5cm long or 0.5cm deep or gaping open.
· Over a joint or callused skin – the joint might be injured.
· Oozing yellowish fat tissue and looks mushy
· Filled with dirt or gravel you can’t get out.
· Still bleeding after 10-15 minutes of direct pressure and elevation