Heart rate monitors?

So, you have decided to buy a heart rate monitor. For weight loss purposes, for better performance at your cycling, or just for fun? It doesn’t […]

Have you seen the LIGHTING SYSTEM !

Handlebar or Helmet mounted systems?
For road use, lights need to be attached to the actual bike, but for off-road a head mounted lamp is definitely the […]


Don’t store your mountain bike vertically It is very common and probably convenient to store bikes by hanging them from the front wheel. A lot of […]

Spinning – is it for REAL cyclists ?

It’s an interesting question because of spinning’s popularity and the fact that many serious riders enter spinning classes frequently in the winter season. I believe most […]

Riding through Thick Sand

A single grain of sand can go unnoticed, but when it assembles together it can begin to conspire against you. The type and consistency of sand […]