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Stitches and muscle cramps

Many mountain bike cyclists have experienced either muscle cramps or a “stitch” in their side during a race or hard climb on the trail, which affected […]
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Should I go tubeless?

I will start this by stating I have heard many positive experiences using tubeless tyres. But just to confuse things, I have also heard bad things […]


Bar-ends are often misunderstood. Some people have them and some don’t. Often, riders just accept whatever their bike is fitted with. Whether you have bar-ends or […]

Cross training – try it!

In these winter months, it’s good to expand your mind, stretch your muscles and get fitter faster with these cycling-specific cross-training activities. Some of these you […]

What should my bike seat height be?

Setting Proper Pedaling Bike Seat Height Setting proper bike seat height for your size is an important part of every bike setup. Proper seat height adjustment […]

What to wear in Winter

When it comes to cooler weather, there are three things to think about: staying warm, staying dry, and protecting yourself from more treacherous conditions. Warm isn’t […]

When you fall…

Whether you take a face-first landing at 60km/h and get hit by wildlife or just take a sideways swipe and go farming for roasties, bandaging properly […]

What is the VO2 max?

VO2 max has been defined as: “the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise”. As exercise intensity increases so does oxygen consumption. […]

Things that can go wrong with your butt!

Chafing and saddle sores : Ill fitting shorts: The fix : Get a good pair of cycling shorts with high-quality padding. Don’t wear underwear underneath it. […]

Ten Commandments…. of Training

GOAL SETTING Goals keep you focused. Pick two or three events a year and space them out roughly into different quarters. Do other events too but […]

Cut a corner

Keep your Mojo through a downhill switchback. APPROACH : Start at walking speed; fast enough to stay steady, but slow enough to keep from blowing straight […]

Quadriceps Muscle Imbalance and Risk of Injury to Knee

With South Africa’s abundance of mountains, wild life, open space and picturesque beauty, it’s no wonder mountain biking is becoming a popular sport among South Africans […]

Adjusting your cleats

There are 2 simple goals with cleats: Align the angle so your feet are in a natural position as you pedal. Your stance on the bike […]

What is bonking?

Physically, a bonk is when your body is so depleted of energy if cannot keep you on your bike – or even keep you functioning and […]

Cooling tips for Summer

Cooling: On long climbs, stop for a minute and take your helmet off or loosen the straps. Consider wetting your hair if you have plenty of […]

First aid kits

It is unfortunate, but often during a ride, a biker is injured. While any injury sucks, having a first aid kit can be a very good […]

Chocolate… it good, bad or ugly

Traditional chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean, which contains flavenoids.  These flavenoids act as antioxidants meaning that they help ‘unclog’ arteries and help keep our […]

What Causes Cramps?

Cramps are miserable. Let me give everyone a little background about cramp causes and prevention. A cramp is an intense, involuntary contraction of a muscle that […]

Heart rate monitors?

So, you have decided to buy a heart rate monitor. For weight loss purposes, for better performance at your cycling, or just for fun? It doesn’t […]

Have you seen the LIGHTING SYSTEM !

Handlebar or Helmet mounted systems?
For road use, lights need to be attached to the actual bike, but for off-road a head mounted lamp is definitely the […]